About Me

Greetings, fellow dwellers of Planet Earth!

      I am the Girl in the White Shirt, but most people just call me Sophie. This the first time I’ve ever had a blog, since I’m new to Earth – I mean, I’m new to the whole world of blogging. Of course I don’t mean that I’m an extraterrestrial who has no business whatsoever on a planet inhabited by humans. Absolutely not.     

      The posts here are probably just going to be about my daily life as a teenage homeschooled girl, and please don’t be alarmed if it seems strange, because I am pretty strange. I’ll also put book/movie reviews on here, and talk about my interests, such as: animals, Rubik’s Cubes, photography, nature, writing, music, and people. I’m especially interested in people since they act so differently from my species. They apparently invented one of the only good things I’ve found on Earth, which is this magical substance called pizza.     

      I hope that all you Earthlings enjoy reading this blog, written (obviously) by a very un-alienlike girl. I look forward to writing about my life and hearing all of your opinions on it!

       ~ Your pretender,

            The Girl in the White Shirt

PS Find me on social media!

My personal Instagram account (where I post all my music XD): @sophie_aka_spidergirl

My photography Instagram account: @spidergirl.photos

My Snapchat: spidergirl-scl