Collab with Carynn!

Hi everyone! Carynn from Writer’s BloK and I decided to do a collaboration, and we sort of interviewed each other. I had so much fun doing this, and I really hope we can do it again sometime! Anyway, here are the questions I asked her, and here are her responses (:

Me: Do you like living on a farm?

Carynn: Like any other kind of lifestyle, there are pros and cons. It’s awesome to be able to go outside and spend time with Liberty (our horse) and look out the window at the bright red barns and chickens strutting across the grass, but there are all of the chores that come with it. I love it, though. And I’m slowly learning to appreciate the chores and how they help me become more responsible.

Me: What’s your greatest achievement?

Carynn: Oh, this is so hard. I can’t say I’ve had very many, and most of them are small. I suppose that my greatest achievement is more of a personal one- the day that I realized that I have control of my life, and I could do whatever I want with it. It gave me confidence, which set me up for the achievements I had later on and still have yet to earn.

Me: Describe your life in three words.

Carynn: Family, plans, persistence.

Me: If you could go anywhere in the universe for spring break, where would it be?

Carynn: It depends on whether I’m going alone or with my family. If I were with my family, I’d choose Disney world. If I were by myself I’d go somewhere tropical where I could surround myself in inspiration without distractions, like Hawaii, the Bahamas or New Zealand (it’s so beautiful!).

Me: Favorite color?

Carynn: I’ve always loved blue, but the shades vary depending on my state of mind. Currently my favorite color is teal.

Me: What’s your craziest wish?

Carynn: Uh… haha…. To go to Middle Earth and rule over Erebor with Thorin Oakenshield? My craziest wish that could actually happen is becoming a famous, bestselling author with millions of fans and movies made of all of my books. Not too far-fetched… is it?

Me: Do you have a favorite YouTuber? If you do, who is it?

Carynn: Vivian Reis. Her writing videos are so helpful! I definitely recommend checking her out.

Me: How old do you think kids should be to get a phone?

Carynn: 16, unless they go places without their parents a lot (which doesn’t seem like a good idea in the first place). I just think it’s pointless unless this is the case. (Get some books to entertain yourselves, kids!)

Me: What is the best thing about blogging?

Carynn: Being heard. In a family with four younger siblings, it’s my job to be responsible and set a good example. My parents don’t have time to listen to everything I have to say (which is a lot), so my blog is somewhere where I can share things without interruption.

Me: Have you ever written more than 10k words in a day?

Carynn: Once. I had a double shot espresso and sat down to write. I don’t think I’ll ever do it again, though it was a productive day…

Me: When did you start doing NaNoWriMo?

Carynn: 7th grade. It was around the time that I really started getting into writing, and the deadline helped me to dedicate myself. I learned a lot from it.

Me: Would you rather sleep on the top or bottom bunk of a bed?

Carynn: Bottom bunk. I’ve witnessed too many top-bunk injuries the past few years (they’re hard to avoid with three little brothers).

Me: How many hours a day roughly do you spend on electronics?

Carynn: If I finish school early, I spend 2-4 hours on the computer writing (my family hates how much time I spend writing). On a normal day, maybe an hour and a half. Lately I’ve had a lot less time for writing, and some days I don’t get around to it. When I’m not writing, I’m playing the Sims 4 on my family’s Xbox 1. I currently have a Sims world where I’m married with four kids (I meant for there to be two, but the second was triplets. Oops.), I’m a professional novelist and bestselling author, and I earn thousands of dollars (well, simoleons) every day from my published books. If only.

Me: Can you play an instrument?

Carynn: I play the drums, piano, some guitar, and some violin. I want to learn to play the flute, so maybe I’ll take it up some day.

Me: Who’s your favorite artist?

Carynn: My Dad. He’s an amazing artist!

This was honestly so awesome and I got to learn a lot about her! Go check out the questions I answered on her blog here. She’s an incredible writer, and even if you don’t write go check her blog out anyways (;

If you ever want to collab with me comment or contact me through my Talk To Me page (:

Let me know what you thought of this post! Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Collab with Carynn!

  1. I agree with Carynn. I want to become a famous, bestselling author, with movies made of all of my books. And an actress with millions of fans. 😉 (Well I guess that’s only king of what she said.) 😉 Also I spend half my day on a computer. (As you can tell, I’m on my computer right now) I do easy peasy ( my school) on the computer, then when I finish school, I go to my computer to write my book.
    And doing a collab with you sounds fun! 😊(though I’m a little busy on my blog. 😜)

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